NextGen Advocates Fellowship
Incubating seeds of Freedom and Flourishing

A Leadership Development and Policy Advocacy Fellowship to enable young leaders with the potential to attain knowledge, training, network expansion, and mentorship.

Deadline 10th April 2022 

At NextGen Advocates, You learn objectively

Swatantrata Center aims to allow passionate young leaders to create a positive impact in their lives and their communities by building their personalized action plan and their bold vision for liberty with tools and strategies that we will offer for helping them turn their ideas into reality by incorporating the framework of freedom and libertarian principles in their learning.

Courses and Seminars

Educational sessions on philosophy and Ideas that can make Human flourishing possible.

Workshops & Trainings

Workshops designed on training the mindset and providing skills that are required to become an advocate for Freedom and Flourishing.


The program ensures a cohort of participants through an exchange of conversations with their peers, mentors, and advisors.

About the ​Program

The NextGen Advocates Fellowship is a Leadership Development and Policy Advocacy Fellowship to enable young leaders with the potential to attain knowledge, training, network expansion, and mentorship. through the initiatives of lecture series and workshops by renowned libertarian thinkers and practitioners from nonprofits, business, public policy, media, and policy experts from across the globe.

Duration of program : April 2022 – September 2022 

Deadline for applications : 10th April 2022

NextGen Advocates Fellowship will curate educational experiences, skill-based entrepreneurial & leadership workshops with speaker engagement sessions with world-renowned experts to one hands-on project with help of mentorship from experienced professionals who are working in the liberty movement and possess years of experience in organization and project management.

The participants will be able to explore their intellectual curiosities and philosophical thinking through these sessions and at the same time allow themselves to build new relationships with fellow participants from different backgrounds and build mentored projects through  the integration of powerful self-development strategies with fundamental principles of philosophy, anchoring the whole thing in reality, and unifying its elements into a supremely efficacious system for success. 

Program modules

Our NextGen advocate Fellowship program consist of 6 modules delivered through courses, workshops, and a series of seminars over the duration of the programs.


The module will cover the overview of the fundamentals and attitudes that are engraved in the libertarian foundation and supplement the participant with an overview of how liberty and freedom both are essential embodiments in life and to cast a change. this module cover liberty as life's philosophy and building a supersystem for flourishing.

Economics and Governance

To understand societal aspects such as how governance through the purview of economics ensures the protection of property rights, enforcement of contracts, and taking collective actions, it is indeed necessary to focus on principles that are needed with everyday policy changes. This module will help cover the importance of markets and their effects on the economy.

Entrepreneurship Education

Living in a society that progresses through the free passage of ideas and expression, it is important to understand the concept of how opportunities can procure societal changes through path-breaking policy ideas and approaches and a pragmatic approaches towards building his own entrepreneurial spirit for change.

Leadership & Management

Emboldening of institutions for a freer future perplexed with uncertainties takes place when we have strong leaders that are able to influence others in manifesting an impact. This module will help participants find their leadership and management skills needed for contributing to the growth of freer institutions and building democracies.

Marketing & Communications

The essence of communicating and building your thoughts takes place through dialogues and discourses. This is essential because of the growing interconnectivity we are facing each day, so how can one create a discourse, put forth their ideas in further building a narrative to bring about the knowledge of freedom and liberty for others?

Community building & Fundraising

An idea becomes a reality when it has a good foundation with incentives for people who may want to contribute towards the expression but for their personal benefit as well. through the key notion of building strategies for effectively gearing audiences who believe in your project to help it be a success.

Our Program Partners

Swatantrata Center is partnered with prestigious national and international partners in order to creating educational experiences and unforgettable learning journeys 

Capstone Project with Mentorship

Another feature of the project is to enable participants to work on a hands-on project with dedicated support from our mentors. 

Capstone Project

The NextGen Advocates Fellowship program will also provide the space, resources, and mentorship from experts for the fellows to develop a project for a cause they are passionate about. Projects could be in the form of, but not limited to advocacy campaigns, training programs, research

Together, we can make a difference

Reformation doesn’t happen just by a mere thought of it. Thought and action should go together while we work for a cause. Patriotism is not singing a National Anthem or talking about nation’s development on Independence day. True love for a nation is when we work for its betterment every day. It all starts with one person, one thought and one step that is YOU 

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Seminars & Trainings
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Our Faculty, Instructors, and Speakers lead

some of the most prestigious organizations that advancing Freedom and flourishing across the world. Few of them are here